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Enough already. Really, enough.

16 April, 2014 Ken Everyday Life

I like snow. I even like driving in it. I like Winter. But this is just too much. Polar vortex, two blizzards … I don’t know whether to blame the Jet Stream or the fact that God hates Al Gore. It was okay that I got my injury during  time it made sense to stay […]


My One-handed, Left-handed Months: The Start of It All

16 March, 2014 Ken ChroniclesEveryday Life

Yesterday, for the first time in almost two months, I signed my signature with my right hand. Until now I’ve been signing it with my left hand — backwards — and since it’s a scribble either way, no one will notice. Where do I start? On January 19th, a Sunday, I was working on some […]


Yes, I’m Adjusting and I’m Trainable

15 June, 2013 Ken Everyday LifeFamily & PersonalWoodworking & Other Projects

I wrote about my one last visit to Christina at college a Saturday in April, but didn’t mention I especially liked picking up one of harmonicas lying around to collaborate in a random jam session with Christina and a friend. If I ever learn violin, Merry will demand a banjo and we’ll have plenty of […]


Maybe I’ll Just Fiddle with It.

7 June, 2013 Ken Everyday Life

I felt a growing anticipation as I neared the mall. A brother arranged it because I didn’t have the money at the time a few weeks earlier — it was a salew of the day. When I got there I had to unzip her — if it was a her — like a new mother […]


(Not) The Last Year

22 December, 2012 Ken Business & WorkEveryday LifeFamily & PersonalParkview

The Mayans didn’t see it coming, and neither did I. I had a mid-life crisis (sort of, I think), and a record year in Kentropolis. I have a phone that is practically a tri-corder, a new kitten (very possibly the cutest in the world, and the reincarnation of LadyBug), and wearing a tuxedo on a […]


I said it would change my life.

5 October, 2012 Ken Business & WorkEditorial & DiscussionEveryday Life

What I did cannot be accurately described as “buying a phone”.  In fact, I played with my Samsung Galaxy Skyrocket (S2) for several hours before thinking maybe I should use my “device” for calling someone.  In one fell swoop, I Freecycled my old phone, returned Bob’s camera on loan to me since who-knows-when, and retired my voice recorder. […]



12 August, 2012 Ken Business & WorkEveryday LifeParkviewPhotography

The last couple weeks I’ve gotten a lot of stuff done — doing projects one after another, checking off house chore lists, and tonight I reached the rare goal of an empty Outlook inbox.  However, I had to cancel a service day for Earth 2 Mouth because I didn’t get around to coordinating it early […]


Lottery Woes

7 July, 2012 Ken Editorial & DiscussionEveryday Life

Last Monday, I won two games of pool in a row (out of three) against one of the best pool players at the VA Recovery Center.  I joked that I should buy a lottery ticket.  Well, not really — later that day I did.  If it was my lucky day, though, it may be irrelevant as […]


Star Wars Night at the Bison’s 2012

24 June, 2012 Ken Everyday Life

I’ve always wanted to be in with the show on-field, but could never commit to all the practices and rehearsals.  Well, behold!  The Universe found a way!  About a week before, I was asked if I could stand in as a “captured Jedi”, went to a rehearsal, and ended up on field! It was an […]


Too Many Commitments?

16 June, 2012 Ken Everyday LifeFamily & PersonalParkviewWoodworking & Other Projects

Now might not have been the best time to start a block club.  I already accepted the position of [[Tyler (Masonic)|Tyler]] at the Lodge, and although it does not involve duties beyond being a doorman at meetings, it further ensures I must be there at nearly all functions.  AND I now belong to the [[Order […]


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