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Another Test Entry

15 November, 2009 Ken Business & WorkUncategorized

This one is generated by the “BlogDesk” client I’m experimenting with to manage multiple blogs. {edited for testing}


Ken Headhunts, Part Deux

23 July, 2009 Ken Business & Work

I’m seriously looking for a sales guy/gal again.  My last one just decided to play bartender the moment the business cards were dry.  If only people knew and understood what I was really offering, they’d jump at the chance to be that person.  Yes, my kingdom for the right sales person. I just want someone […]


The Nigerian Invasion

17 July, 2009 Ken Business & WorkUncategorized

I have never gotten more “Nigerian Scam” emails in nearly any year as these last few days.  Seriously, are there that many stupid people to make it worth their while?  We need to make it a crime to fall for scams if we can’t take out the criminals.  And then apply it to spam — if […]


Email to the Dead

29 June, 2009 Ken Business & WorkFamily & PersonalReligion & Spirituality

I didn’t write about this months ago when it happened, as I wanted everything to settle down and then had other matters to attend to among the living.  Bob Kell, Jr., my friend (and accountant / networking associate) passed away earlier this year.  (On an odd note, he was just putting together the taxes that […]


Ever wonder where?

29 June, 2009 Ken Business & WorkEveryday LifeFamily & PersonalReligion & Spirituality

It never amazes me how deep the roots are of our personal values.  But unlike those who would rather be totally self-deterministic in some false sense of empowerment for its own sake, I would rather embrace them as consistent personality strengths and weaknesses I can make the best of. Why bring this up?  I asked […]


Email: Down for the Count

19 March, 2009 Ken Business & WorkEveryday Life

Last weekend, my .pst file (Outlook) reached and exceeded the 2Gb limit — a limit I neither knew existed nor knew it was coming.  I knew my saved email archive was huge, but didn’t realize I had to split it so badly. Somehow, it preserved my schedule, and I recovered the address book through Thunderbird.  […]


Gearing Up

22 January, 2009 Ken Business & WorkEveryday LifeParkview

It’s been snowing more on than off for so many days, i don’t remember when it started.  We had a brief thaw, then back to adding a couple feet of white all around. I haven’t done much house stuff in spite of buying the 60-gallon aquarium to replace our aspirations for a wood stove.  We […]


My “Shrink” … and Laughter

10 January, 2009 Ken Business & WorkFamily & Personal

As part of recently having a business coach, I’ve been seeing a professional psychologist for an assessment of personal impediments and evaluation of learning style.  I’ve looked for an excuse to have some counselling for some time … not because anything is really wrong, but like chiropractic, an adjustment now and then just makes sense.  […]


My Schedule

4 December, 2008 Ken Business & WorkEveryday Life

I met with a professional coach / consultant and they told me lots of stuff I already knew I should be doing, but couldn’t listen to myself.  One change I am implementing right now is to have a set (yet flexible) schedule for work (Kentropolis) versus all the other stuff I do.  It’s more of a […]


Cleaning up my desktop …

15 September, 2008 Ken Business & WorkEveryday LifeFamily & Personal

I’ve been busy with lots of projects, personal and professional, and I’m taking a few moments to clean up my computer’s desktop, nearly full to the brim with shortcuts and files as always. I came across things I meant to post, including a poem I wrote while traveling without Merry earlier this year … […]


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