The Year is Dead; Long Live the Year

18 February, 2016 Ken Business & WorkChroniclesEveryday Life

For me, I’m not sure when one year ends and another begins. It’s bad enough they often assign a Winter to the year it ends rather than beings, in spite of a Solstice (or Equinox) being in my own opinion the middle of that season and not it’s birth. Whatever. I usually end my personal year […]


What a Week, What a Summer

26 August, 2015 Ken ChroniclesEveryday LifeFamily & Personal

Being finally cool outside again, I just went for a walk around the block, by myself. It would have been the perfect day to take Pasha for a walk, but she died last Wednesday morning, in her sleep and the usual “animal cracker” pose. We got used to checking her breathing when we found her […]


Save the Queen, Save the World

29 July, 2015 Ken Chronicles

I’m waiting for two people to get back to me about bees on their property that need to be removed. I’m not sure if I have the equipment, and have requested a fee for the effort, and who knows if the rescue and transplant will be successful. How did I get here? A Brother (and […]


Handwriting: Looking Back at 2014

2 February, 2015 Ken ChroniclesFamily & Personal

I was scanning the checks part of my statements from my business account, when I saw ones in my wife’s handwriting. I thought I had the wrong account — until I realized that was a year ago. In January, the checks looked normal. In February, Merry wrote my checks for me because of my hand […]


Vegas-Arizona Trip 2015

1 February, 2015 Ken ChroniclesEveryday LifeFamily & Personal

Finally managed to visit my Dad again in Sun City. Christina wanted to visit her childhood friend Lizzy and her new baby, so we took a plane to Vegas first. On the plane, I had a philosophical discussion with poker professional Phil Ivey’s uncle Xeno, and Christina lost a notebook of writing, sadly. Daughter’s adventures while […]


“Relentless Arctic Attack”

21 November, 2014 Ken ChroniclesEveryday LifeFamily & PersonalParkview

That’s what the news was calling the nation-wide pre-winter storms, and the news has been on almost constantly for the last four days. I can only laugh. The images and time-lapse of the front moving in were amazing, the amount of snow record-breaking (nationally, with 74 inches falling in 24 hours) and then a second […]


My One-handed, Left-handed Months: The Start of It All

16 March, 2014 Ken ChroniclesEveryday Life

Yesterday, for the first time in almost two months, I signed my signature with my right hand. Until now I’ve been signing it with my left hand — backwards — and since it’s a scribble either way, no one will notice. Where do I start? On January 19th, a Sunday, I was working on some […]


Two Holidays and a Funeral

26 March, 2011 Ken ChroniclesEveryday LifeFamily & PersonalParkview

We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day really, and in any given week we could be broke and not able to do anything anyways.  But I was inspired. There was some story on the radio of a couple that meet each other Valentine’s Day cards. Apparently, merry was inspired as well, as she made me one. I’ve […]


A Long Winter

25 March, 2011 Ken ChroniclesEveryday LifeParkview

Earlier this week, I saw the biggest snowflakes I had ever seen. No kidding — they were the size of half-dollars. It was beautiful, but enough is enough. I can hear the birds, and I went out once or twice without a jacket in between flurries. We still have a mound of ice on the […]


Paving the Yellow Brick Road

22 October, 2010 Ken ChroniclesParkview

Okay, it was more of a peach color, but the parts of this century old street that showed was really a simple pleasure to walk on. A few weeks ago, new street signs indicated a change in the alternate parking days, from 4pm Sundays and Wednesdays to 6pm Mondays and Thursdays.  The problem was they […]


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